Sales Manual

Our easy-to-read and understand sales training manual is written by industry leading sales managers with a combined 18 years in the Pest Control industry. Our sales manual is designed to be read before and throughout the summer to fully prepare to preform to the best of your ability on the doors. The sales manual covers everything from qualifying customers, the sales pitch itself, the service performed, bug identification, company policies, and much more. The sales manual will be offered in both hard copy and digital form. 

Daily Morning Trainings

Daily morning meetings and trainings will be offered and required for all sales reps. These meetings help you prepare for your day, while also offering the coaching you will need to succeed during the summer. Exercises in the morning trainings will include: role playing, morning pump ups, viewing of sales videos and motivational videos, a time to eat breakfast with the team, and the ability to work one-on-one with the sales managers will be offered before these meetings every morning as well.

Technology Services

The iPad that you will be given at the beginning of the summer is not only used in selling, but also used in training. The iPad will be equipped with the sales app, a street view app, and also the training manual. A Segway Mini Pro will also be offered as an incentive throughout the summer to allow reps to hit more houses per day while also preserving more energy.

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Influence of Your Team

Everyone has different sales styles and techniques, and throughout the summer you will be able to observe and learn these styles from a variety of your teammates. Learn what is working and not working for other members of your team and use those elements to perfectly craft your sales pitch to fit your own personality and selling style.

Your Sales Managers

Your sales managers at Aruza Marketing are experienced in both selling and management. Our managers are willing to coach you towards achievements over the summer and we genuinely care about your success. Sales managers will lead the morning meetings, be available for shadowing and questions throughout the selling day, be available for one-on-one trainings before and after the selling day, and also will be their to be your friend and support/push you throughout the summer.

Learn From Experience

The more you sell throughout the summer, the more familiar with the pitch and confident in your abilities you will become. You will pick up on what techniques and styles work on different types of people and you will also be able to qualify individual quicker. The best athletes are the ones who practice the most, and that same principle applies to sales.

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Apply Now

The Aruza Marketing Summer Sales Internship does not have a competitive application process. We look for college aged young adults who possess strong social skills and are willing to work hard. Aruza Marketing is an excellent way for college students to pay for school and that is something we take great pride in.

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