Sales is a universal skilled that is used in every profession. Whether your looking to go into finance, management, accounting, real estate, government, education, human resources, insurance, etc., one of the main thing future employers look for is sales experience.

 “All sizzle and no steak.” These were the words a former business mentor used to describe me.  I was a B student, graduated with a 3.0 GPA, and struggled to find my passion in business. As fate would have it, I found a new roommate my junior year of college when a guy with spiky hair, a white jaguar, and a trunk full of iPads asked me to sell pest control with him during the upcoming summer.  People always talk about “defining” moments of college for them, this was mine. Thanks to the undying love and support of my Aruza brothers, I sold and serviced over 200 accounts, generated $90,000 in revenue, and commissioned tens of thousands of dollars. I used this to pay off the reminder of my student debts, start a savings fund, and travel to Europe for an international financial consulting project for Budweiser. The money earned through blood, sweat, and tears was the least of my invested returns because the mindset I developed is priceless. I learned how to push myself further than I ever knew possible, forging success in both rain and shine, and experience the addicting taste of what winning in business can feel like. Thanks to Aruza and my lifelong friend/mentor Christian Ludwig, I now live in Silicon Valley working for the largest privately-owned investment advisory firm in the world, Fisher Investments, raising investor capital of hundreds of millions of dollars and helping families all over the country grow richer. Success is never handed out, it is forged and there are no substitutes for hard work. I encourage anyone remotely considering Aruza to think twice about where one of the fastest growing startups in North Carolina could take them personally, professionally, and financially.  


P.S. when you’re all rich you know who to call

Fisher Investments: Largest private RIA, with over $100 billion AUM. 

Brandon Wessels

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My three biggest take aways from the summer of 2018 with Aruza, we’re working harder than I have before, which includes working even when I wasn’t feeling in the mood because the need of our service was out there. The second take away is the four personality types of people. I use this to converse with people in my job every day determining the best way to pitch them. The third is by being a part of a motivated team everyone’s sales will improve and so will yours so always keep the team goals in mind.

Tom James

Mitch Linder

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The Aruza Marketing Summer Sales Internship does not have a competitive application process. We look for college aged young adults who possess strong social skills and are willing to work hard. Aruza Marketing is an excellent way for college students to pay for school and that is something we take great pride in.

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